Autologous Hair Transplant – Future of Hair Transplant

What is AHT?

Why AHT is better than FUE?

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant?

How AHT is different from other transplants?

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

What is AHT?

AHT or autologous Hair transplant is a technique and term coined by Dr Arihant Surana at Monaris hair clinic to define a complete hair transplant process. Autologous means derived from the same individual. Like many other terms used in medical science such as Autologous bone marrow transplant or Autologous blood transfusion, Autologous hair transplant means follicles derived from the same individual.

In past years hair transplant name was always known with the name how the follicles are extracted or Implanted. FUE and FUT were actually the methods of extraction of the hair follicle. An attempt was never made to define the complete hair transplant process. At monaris, we decided to define a complete hair transplant process that not only includes a FUE method of extraction but also the best techniques of creating slits, design and density creation and a well-defined Implantation process.

A complete hair transplant process is important for best results. Some techniques only focus on extraction processes like FUE or Bio FUE etc and some only focus on Implantation like DHI or DHT etc. None of these techniques is complete and only one part is better defined than the other. AHT makes this process complete and will soon be accepted as the world best hair transplant method.

Why AHT is better than FUE

Almost every hair transplant clinic in India extracts follicles by FUE. They use different punch sizes or different machines for follicle extraction. Designing and density creation and implantation processes are different for every clinic. As a result of this, every clinic doing FUE has different results. This means if you are getting FUE at any clinic results are unpredictable. Some clinics may have good results and some may have better results. This happens because the process is not standardized. For example in some FUE clinics, a Surgeon may extract hair follicles and in some technicians. Since the transaction rate and quality of follicles will differ in both clinics the result will differ. In AHT only the main surgeon will extract hair follicles.

Yes, you heard it right. AHT hair transplant involves the main surgeon in the entire hair transplant process from the beginning. Only Doctors will extract hair follicles, not technicians. So if the technician extracts a hair follicle it’s not AHT. AHT is a no-compromise hair transplant. Every process is well defined and the patient can easily know he or she is getting the best hair transplant. Grafts are counted under microscope and preserved in Autologous Growth factors. Grafts are separated and kept in seperate trays with each tray having singles, doubles and triple or four hair follicles. This is a important part as every follicle has a certain defined place in scalp. In most FUE and DHI process grafts are placed randomly one by one without seperation.Slits or incisions are done by main surgeon and counted using a counter. Patients can easily get involved in counting process to ensure exact number of slits made and grafts placed.

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant

Anything new in India in hair transplant takes time to accept. Like when Dr Surana started FUE in India in 2008 after his training in Europe hardly any clinic, Doctor or patient knew about it. Only FUT was done in India at that time. None of the doctors were ready to accept that FUE will ever be successful.Now FUE is the most used technique all over the world. Similarly its expected that in next 5 years AHT will be the most used technique and hair transplant will no longer be called FUE which is just a extraction method of hair follicles.

How AHT is different from other transplants?

Lack of transparency in hair transplant is the biggest factor which troubles patients all over the world. Surgeons leave their work to technicians or training doctors. This should never happen. If a patient has gone to a certain clinic for particular Doctor his transplant should always be done by the same Doctor. Hair transplant factories like turkey should not let patients ripped off by letting them operated by technicians. A hair transplant for somebody can be a new life. It can happen only once or twice in a lifetime. Lost grafts cannot be compensated by free session or repair hair transplant.

In AHT transparency is the key. You will be operated by main surgeon only. Training will not happen on you. For that there are top medical institutes and training centres. Every graft will be counted along with how many hairs in each graft. A trained and qualified team will work with Doctor. No surprises and hiding names of Doctor who will operate on you. We are busy but not so much that our surgeon will not meet you during your first consultation. Marketing consultants will not decide how many grafts you require.

Your cost of hair transplant will be transparent and fixed. You don’t have to pay for PRP GFC or special shampoos after the procedure for next one year. All will be told to you before hand.

Monaris hair clinic and Dr Arihant Surana feels you should get the most transparent and best hair transplant in India. You will be given enough time by appointment to ask all your queries. All follow ups will be free for next one year after transplant.

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

Our Doctor will advice you what you can expect from your hair transplant. There is 100% satisfaction rate with our hair transplant. We have same Doctor and team of technicians working on every patient for last 9 years. Till date every follicle from every scalp is extracted by Dr Arihant Surana. We are one of the few clinics in world with consistent results.





Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

We are the World Leader in FUE Hair transplants. With clinics located in different parts of India and other countries. We are the true global clinic in India. Celebrity Hair transplant is headed by one of the first and most experienced FUE Hair Transplant in India. We offer the most advanced FUE Hair Transplant Technique which provides High Density, Robust Design, and the Most Successful transplants globally. Yes, it’s the first choice of most young cricketers, actors, and celebrities around the world.

Hair transplant Cost in Delhi- Monaris Hair Clinic

Hair Transplant cost in Delhi


Hair transplant cost is one of the most important criteria in India to choose their hair transplant clinic. But does the cost of hair transplants in Delhi is such a matter of concern. The answer is NO. People of Delhi are well aware of the fact that cost should never be the criteria for deciding a hair transplant clinic in India. With slightly unregulated hair transplant clinics are operating at every nook and corner of city. Forget Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists who are originally trained to do hair transplants many clinics in Delhi are not even run by Doctors. They are usually owned by businessmen where technicians are called to do cheap hair transplants or Doctors are dentists, Ent surgeons and at times even gynaecologists who are lured by quick money they can make through cheap hair transplants.

How much a hair transplant should cost?

The cost of a hair transplant in Delhi will depend on the quality of the transplant you expect. Pls, be assured that every clinic will not deliver the same quality so the cost of a hair transplant will also not remain the same. So what should you buy?

You should buy quality. Hair transplant is one of the procedures which cannot be corrected if it goes wrong. Once you lose the grafts from failed transplant there is no way you can get those grafts back. No Doctor in the world can give you the same result in repair hair transplants. A hair transplant in India can cost from 30000 INR to 500,000 INR. There is a huge difference in the Infrastructure, Doctor, team, procedure and end results of this procedure. As a patient, it may be difficult to understand the difference between good, better and best results. A good and legally running hair transplant clinic in Delhi may be slightly costlier. Its important for patients to visit clinics and meet the Doctor.

I have a limited budget. What should I Do?

It’s totally ok to have a budget or cost you want to incur in your hair transplant. Having a limited budget does not mean that you will do something which is available cheap. Hair transplant is a medical procedure and all risks remain the same as any other surgery. A clinic should be well equipped with an operating area different from consultation area. The clinic should be well maintained and ventilated with proper operating rooms preferably on the ground or upper floors. Your hair transplant clinic should let you meet the surgeon who will operate on you. Feel free and ask any questions you have during your consultation. Some clinics will offer transplants with technicians if you have a limited budget. Never compromise. You are not a guinea pig. It’s best to go for a smaller session in your budget rather then going for a compromised hair transplant which you may regret  for life later. Talk to the clinic and ask for discounts and offers. Some clinics do give extra discounts if you allow them to use your photos on their website.

Will I know the cost of my hair transplant during a consultation with the Surgeon?

Yes, you will be told the cost of a hair transplant after review with your surgeon. During the alopecia test which your doctor will tell you an approximate number of grafts required and the cost of it. Some clinics tell you about the per graft cost of a hair transplant and some may give you a package. Words like unlimited grafts, robotic hair transplant etc is just to trick you. Do not fall for it. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is much better than any other part of India. Hair transplant clinics in Delhi are well equipped and large compared to any other part of India. The cost of hair transplants in Delhi is also the lowest with the highest quality compared to any other city in India.

Hair replacement or Hair transplant

Hair transplant is anytime better than hair replacement. The overall cost of a hair transplant is 20-30 times cheaper than hair replacement. Hair replacement should only be considered an option if you are having any medical issues or negligible donor area. A hair replacement may require lifelong maintenance. Hair replacements in Delhi usually do not look natural.


Consult Dr Arihant Surana at monaris hair clinic. Book an appointment by Calling 9818-642-643




DareDevil Harshal patel Hair Transplant


Harshal Patel Hair Transplant

Who is Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel is a young dynamic and all-rounder playing for Indian cricket team. He plays for Delhi Capitals for IPL. He is one of the most promising and upcoming cricketer in India.

Why he needed hair transplant

Harshal is young and dynamic. He started losing his hair early and decided to undergo hair transplant to a nearby hair transplant clinic. Harshal got some hair but was very unhappy with the results. Aesthetically his hair transplant was not pleasing. Most of the transplant was done on the hairline. Area behind the hairline looked empty. It was difficult to hide that he has done a hair transplant.

Why he chose Dr.Arihant Surana

Harshal was not happy with his first transplant. He does not want to repeat this mistake again. In first transplant, he was desperate like any young man, didn’t do much research and was of the impression that all clinics and doctors are almost the same. But this time he decided to do extensive research for clinics worldwide as he was a frequent traveler to the USA also. He talked extensively with many cricketers who have undergone hair transplant in India and Abroad. He was now aware that he has limited donor area in the scalp and cannot afford to waste even a single graft. After due research, he met Dr.Arihant Surana. He was convinced with the entire procedure, technique and results of the previous cricketers who have done transplant with Dr.Arihant.

Who did Hair Transplant for Harshal Patel

Dr.Surana does surgery for all clients himself. Harshal or any other patient at Monaris all hair transplant is done only by Dr.Arihant Surana. He believes all good Doctors are good because of their surgeries. Whatever training you give to technicians and junior doctors he cannot match the experience of the main surgeon. He always insists his patients to always get surgery from the main surgeon of the clinic.




Excellent results are expected from his transplant and should be visible in IPL 2019.

For More details Pls call us at –+918800498636 or mail me at

Stuart Binny Hair Transplant

Stuart Binny Hair Transplant

Another young wonderful Cricketer Stuart Binny underwent Hair Transplant at alviarmani newdelhi clinic today.Stuart was considering hair transplant since last few days as he has started loosing hair.After due research around the world he decided to finally get it done at alviarmani clinic with Dr.Arihant Surana.

He was recommended by his fellow cricketers to get transplant done at alviarmani as most of them have done that with Dr.Arihant Surana.All the transplants including amit mishra was very successful with no complication.

Alviarmani is now the first choice for hair transplants for young active people.Its not only the best hair transplant clinic around the world but also the clinic with most successful results.We will post more photos after 6 months when his transplant results will be visible.

Have you actually got the grafts you paid for?

I want 6000 grafts…….? Its common to hear from patients that they want maximum grafts in one sitting and some clinic has promised to do that.But how many clinics actually do even 3000 grafts in one day is questionable.Since patients pay per graft so most of the time they don’t even know how many grafts has been done.After a year of surgery they feel that its not the graft as clinic has promised.But its important that you should know that actually how many grafts has been done.

Most clinics themselves don’t count the grafts.Its always approximate.Counting of grafts need adequate microscopes and team.Clinics working with one or two staff will never count the grafts.

When extraction is done there can be grafts which are transacted and are broken.They should not be in the count you pay for.You should pay only for the healthy grafts.Implanting transacted grafts will not give any results and will be waste.Choosing a experienced doctor,latest technology and ensuring the surgeon you went for only does the entire extraction.

Do not negotiate hard.You may feel you have done good job but that can let clinics reduce the number of actual grafts.As most of the patients are unaware of the intricacies  of the hair transplant its easy for the clinics to reduce cost.

Last but not the least do not believe in the numbers like 6000 or 8000 grafts in FUE in single session.No where in the world its done.A good 4000 grafts may consume 8-10 hours.So clinics finishing 6000 grafts in 4-5 hours should be doubted for.

The other way is to charge per hair and not grafts.A graft may have on average 2-2.5 hairs.So clinic telling you 6000 grafts actually means 3000 grafts or 6000 hairs.Its common in India to charge like that.Clinics like DHI and other famous clinics charge like that.

In case your surgery is already done and you want to know the number of grafts transplanted then take the picture of transplanted area and count the number of brown dots on the recipient area.Their number should be approximately equal to the number of grafts transplanted.More then 10% variation should be questioned.

At the end most of the people don’t know how actual 3000 or 4000 grafts result look like.So do good research,visit clinics,don’t get tempted by discounts and meet the doctor and ensure he does your surgery.



Why celebrities choose Monaris as their hair transplant clinic




Amit mishra cricketer with dr arihant surana

All of us look forward to celebrities when we consider for hair transplant.Its no more a secret that celebrities like salman khan,virender sehwag,amit mishra,Gautam gambhir and many more top actors have undergone hair transplant.People are always surprised what actually they look before undergoing hair transplant.Where they do hair transplant?

Do they do in India or go abroad for hair transplant.Why they choose International clinics in India to do their hair transplant.Since I have been part of many of celebriry hair transplant surgeries I had spend good time to interact with them regarding their choice of hair transplant. Some of the key points are mentioned here.


First thing any actor or cricketer looks for is the surgeon.They prefer the most experienced in their country and having a track record of doing many surgeries.Surprisingly most of them talk to their friends and do a good google search.As per them they are ready to travel anywhere in world but prefer in their country if they can find good surgeon or a international company with experienced surgeon in India. Most of the celebrities in India as I have noticed  have done transplants from International companies having clinics in India.As per them India is new market in hair transplants and there are many new clinic and doctors in the field of hair transplant.Its not about to grow some hair but the looks that matters after hair transplant.”JO DIKHTA HE WO BIKTA HE”.Most of them are aware that alviarmani has a strong track record of 15 years in hair transplant and they work with only best surgeon in any country with minimum 7-8 years of experience in FUE.


Technology is the second thing which matters.There are actors who did strip procedures when FUE was not available.But now most of them have done FUE. Its simple ,have no downtime and can even be done without shaving.Most of the technology ,research and development happens in USA and we acquire it later.Few companies in world are into research of hair cloning and hair transplants.These companies regularly develop new techniques and procedures to get better and better results.The only way to get all that as a doctor  is to work and continuously learn with them.At the times when only 1200-1500 grafts were possible with FUE latest alviarmani technology allows up to 5000 grafts per day.Near zero damage of follicles during extraction and implantation and results which cannot be replicated any where in world.

3.A big NO to franchise

Easy availability of investors in this field has started a trend of franchise.So one doctor sitting in metro is running 10 clinics in India.He is never available for the patients and the doctors keep on changing.Best technologies are costly and cannot be replicated in all clinics looking at price sensitive Indian community.Training of surgeons are difficult as no training is available in India and Hair Transplant surgeon has to be dedicated for his work.All Alviarmani clinics run under strict and safe medical environment and all surgeries are done by their surgeon only.

4. Our technology is always the latest

Dr.Arihant Surana was the First Doctor to bring DHI to India. He established and founded Alvi Armani India. He is the only surgeon who works with top doctors and medical groups worldwide to bring the most advanced hair transplant technology to India. He recently introduced Autologous Hair transplant (AHT) to India which will revolutionize the way hair transplant is done in India.


Indian names for FUE Hair Transplant

Recently got a message from a patient asking about the MHI technique.I told him I never heard about it. Then he asked about BioFUE.I said again don’t know about it but should be something related to FUE.I told him I know only two techniques for hair transplant one FUT and the other FUE. India and Indian hair transplant clinics are fascinated by new names for hair transplants. It’s a general feeling that if anything other than FUE is told to patients they will think it’s some new discovery. So now every clinic has its own name to DHI, robotic, MHI, BioFUE, bio stimulated FUE, FUSE,I perfect,AHT are all Same and derived from  FUE only. All international companies have their own researched modification of FUE but it doesn’t make it some other technology.

Most of the clinics which are transparent will inform their clients and will not charge differently for different FUE. Like Alvi Armani, some of the clinics add PRP to their procedures on demand of patients free of cost. The role of PRP in hair transplant is still questionable.

3634 Grafts Zone 1,2 and 3- FUE Hair transplant at Monaris Hair Clinic

Above patient has undergone hair transplant single session single day 3634 Grafts.The above results are post 9 months.With alviarmani specialized instruments upto 5000 Grafts can be done in single day.Where most FUE has 20% or more Transaction rate (Graft cut or damage during extraction) Alvi Armani’s latest research in FUE and  instrumentation has brought it down to near Zero.As a result more and more grafts can be extracted and implanted in single day.Most of the hair transplant clinics in India do 3000 grafts in 2 days which is not medically recommended and patients has to under go twice the trauma of anesthesia and whole procedure wasting time and money.Call us at +919818642643 or write at  to know more .




Dr Baubac and alviarmani has been awarded as No.1 hair transplant surgeon in India 2015 by AESTHETIC EVERYTHING.He is ranked No.1 amongst the top 10 hair transplant surgeons of America.The top 10 list also includes Hair transplant surgeons like Dr. Bauman, Dr Bernstein, Dr. Rousso and many more.Dr Arihant Surana Medical Director Alviarmani India has worked very closely with Dr Baubac and Dr Antonio Armani for last 9 years in India and USA to innovate and bring latest hair transplant techniques to the world.

This proves the Alvi Armani’s commitment to provide best technologies and Best surgeons in any country. Alvi Armani philosophy of limiting itself to best surgeon in any country by careful selection process  and limited surgical centers to have adequate quality control has made it Best hair transplant company in world.

In a country like India where every company is focusing on selling out franchise and trying to reduce cost by compromising on quality ,alviarmani is still maintaining the global standards as followed in any alviarmani clinic around the world.That’s the reason every transplant of alviarmani is amazing.Every surgery is done by alviarmani doctor and not the technicians.