Celebrity Hair Transplant

, Celebrity Hair Transplant, Dr.Arihant SuranaNo Celebrity puts his head and looks at stake just for Ads. There is a popular notion that a celebrity gets a hair transplant to advertise as they get paid. It’s not true and celebrities I have done celebrities like Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, and Stuart Binny, Hanuma Vihari, TV and Film actors who have never been paid anything to get a hair transplant. They just allow us to use their photos for the public good and help people to choose the right clinic. Most of the celebrities do tremendous research, travel to many clinics all over the world, talk to Bollywood actors about their results and then choose a clinic or doctor to get a transplant.No body gets a surgery done just because any company pays them.

They are most choosy to when and where to get their procedure. They have all the money to travel anywhere in the world but they choose only the best. There are a lot of things about hair transplant clinics which is not found on google as not all clinic will market themselves heavily. Celebrities have access to the most influential people around the world from where they can get detailed information about the clinic and doctor.

Also, these celebrities are the most humble follow all instructions post-surgery, and are the best people to deal with. Its always been a pride and pleasure to work with these celebrities.

Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Skin and Hair Clinic

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