Corona Pandemic – Is hair transplant safe


Hair transplant in Corona times- What should I do

Corona pandemic

Some people see it as an opportunity and some are confused that when they should do hair transplants. Most of the hair transplant clinics are closed. We are getting multiple requests to get hair transplants as patients are finding this as the best time for hair transplants. But is it the right time? Is hair transplant safe at this time? What about the Doctor and their team? Can I get Infection if I do a hair transplant? Can I travel for a hair transplant?. There is many more question which patients have before undergoing a transplant at this time.

But is it the right time to do a hair transplant?

All good hair transplant clinics in Delhi are well prepared to handle the corona pandemic. At the monaris hair clinic, we have followed all standard protocols to keep our patients safe. Regular temperature checks, twice a day clinic sanitization, Limited patients every day strictly by appointment, disinfected company vehicle for staff to travel and regular examination of staff to check any symptoms. we are also working with staff rotation with only 1/3 staff at any point in time in the clinic.

Corona pandemic is scary but we all have to live with it. So as a patient getting a hair transplant at this time is a good option due to increased safety standards by clinics. There are minimal social engagements for everybody. Patients can hide scabs for the initial 10 days easily. Work from home for a few days will let your own hair grow back. It’s also a good time to bargain as all the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi have less International patients. Hence most clinics are dependent on local patients to fill in.

Is hair transplant safe at this time?

Hair transplant was a safe procedure even before COVID 19 pandemic. All surgical procedures are done under strict safety and protocols to prevent patients from post-operative infections. Patients should not hide any medical history of cough cold and fever. They should also disclose their history of traveling internationally. Doctors and hair transplant clinics in Delhi and India are taking extra precautions at this time to prevent transmission of COVID 19. At the monaris hair clinic, we have safely done hair transplant throughout May and June.

Can I get Infection if I do a hair transplant?

A hair transplant will never lead to Corona Infection. Its the clinic staff and your near and dear ones who can Infect you. At the monaris hair clinic, we ensure that our staff is symptom-free and trained to handle aseptic procedures. We work with certified nurses and not hair transplant technicians who do not come from the medical field. We are responsible for the safety of all our patients and our team members. So be assured at monaris under Dr.Arihant Surana you are in safe hands.

Can I travel for a hair transplant?

We are not accepting any international patients currently. Only patients belonging to Delhi and nearby areas are allowed for surgeries till June 2020. Patients outside Delhi and rest of India will be advised to mail us at to book their surgeries.



Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Skin and Hair Clinic

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