Not to ignore these facts about hair transplant

1.Never Compromise

2.Take it seriously

3. Say no to hair transplant by technicians

4. Hair is life

Never Compromise

Hair transplant sounds easy and simple procedure but is technical and excellent surgical skills are required to give a perfect hair transplant. With marketing teams making clinics and doctors popular in India hair transplant clinics are flooded with enquiries. Different methods are used to sell hair transplant to patients.

A. You tube videos are commonest tactic used by clinics to attract patients. It sounds that the method clinics use and the procedures they do is as simple as go in and come out with every patient in videos getting excellent results. Hope thats true. There are lot of patients praising a particular doctor and a particular clinic with there month on month results shown in these videos. Well its good but surprisingly all this is paid. No real life patient has time and interest to post their hair transplant photos all over the internet. Making videos every month with no financial gains is the last thing a real patient will do. Remember how many videos you have made of the doctors you have visited. Probably none till date.

B. Before after Pictures. :- All clinics and doctors use before after pictures to show their results. Remember only best results are shown in those pictures. Every doctor and clinic has a dark side which real patients do not know. As patient its important to evaluate and research by visiting clinics and meeting doctors.

Take it seriously

Patients think hair transplant is solution to all hair loss problem. Hair transplant can only be done only for one type of hair loss that’s Androgenetic Alopecia. In some cases scars can also be filled up with transplant. Rest all types of hair loss needs proper medical advice and treatment. Patients call clinics and ask per graft cost or cost of PRP etc. They have no interest in knowing they really need a transplant or PRP. Hair transplant is a serious medical procedure and should be done only after proper consultation. Most patients end up with bad results or worse situation as they usually fall prey of heavy marketing and consultants selling hair transplant to every patient. The medical doctor or hair transplant surgeon only sees the patient on the day of surgery. Never fall on this trap. Best hair transplant will always let you communicate with main surgeon. Its ok to spend some fees for the time doctor spends with you. Nothing is free in this world.Anything free comes at a much higher cost. So don’t expect everything to be free.

Say NO to hair transplant by technicians.

Clinics often use tactics to get your transplant by technicians. This helps to reduce cost of hair transplant and doctors can do other regular work in clinics. Are you ready for this? Never get your follicle extraction done by technicians. You pay less or get it free but nobody have right to compromise your hair transplant surgery. You pay a million and you do not get your follicle back once its damaged. You can end up with lost donor area, compromised result just to save few bucks. Be clear at your first consultation with main surgeon that all follicles to be extracted by the surgeon and not technicians or junior doctors. Surely at some clinics the price may get inflated immediately as you say that. So it will be clear to you that a compromised procedure is offered to you at a cheaper price and if you want the best it may cost higher.

Nowhere in world a medical procedure will have different pricing. Pricing may vary with the facility and experience of the doctor at different clinics but same clinic with different pricing is just a marketing tactic. Many clinics offer different per graft cost. They may have 20-300 Rs per graft cost. Its just to get patient with all budget in clinic. A standard procedure will never change. Most ethical clinics will just have single pricing for all patients as a medical procedure will not change with economic standard of patient. Like there cannot be cheaper heart surgery and a costly heart surgery. You can get the same surgery free at AIIMS and may pay lakhs at private hospital. The standard  surgical procedure remains the same.

Hair is life

When young you look more at the cost of hair transplant as resources are limited. You are ready to choose a cheaper clinic for hair transplant to save some money. Your hair is costlier then anything in your life. Follicle once gone will never regrow at any cost. Consider your hair as your life. Once gone there is no returning back. At certain point you may have all the money but still you cannot correct a bad hair transplant as you have lost all the donor area. Think a minute and choose a hair transplant clinic which is not just marketing. Take a decision which you do not regret everyday when you see a mirror.

Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Skin and Hair Clinic

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