Autologous Hair Transplant – Future of Hair Transplant

What is AHT?

Why AHT is better than FUE?

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant?

How AHT is different from other transplants?

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

What is AHT?

AHT or autologous Hair transplant is a technique and term coined by Dr Arihant Surana at Monaris hair clinic to define a complete hair transplant process. Autologous means derived from the same individual. Like many other terms used in medical science such as Autologous bone marrow transplant or Autologous blood transfusion, Autologous hair transplant means follicles derived from the same individual.

In past years hair transplant name was always known with the name how the follicles are extracted or Implanted. FUE and FUT were actually the methods of extraction of the hair follicle. An attempt was never made to define the complete hair transplant process. At monaris, we decided to define a complete hair transplant process that not only includes a FUE method of extraction but also the best techniques of creating slits, design and density creation and a well-defined Implantation process.

A complete hair transplant process is important for best results. Some techniques only focus on extraction processes like FUE or Bio FUE etc and some only focus on Implantation like DHI or DHT etc. None of these techniques is complete and only one part is better defined than the other. AHT makes this process complete and will soon be accepted as the world best hair transplant method.

Why AHT is better than FUE

Almost every hair transplant clinic in India extracts follicles by FUE. They use different punch sizes or different machines for follicle extraction. Designing and density creation and implantation processes are different for every clinic. As a result of this, every clinic doing FUE has different results. This means if you are getting FUE at any clinic results are unpredictable. Some clinics may have good results and some may have better results. This happens because the process is not standardized. For example in some FUE clinics, a Surgeon may extract hair follicles and in some technicians. Since the transaction rate and quality of follicles will differ in both clinics the result will differ. In AHT only the main surgeon will extract hair follicles.

Yes, you heard it right. AHT hair transplant involves the main surgeon in the entire hair transplant process from the beginning. Only Doctors will extract hair follicles, not technicians. So if the technician extracts a hair follicle it’s not AHT. AHT is a no-compromise hair transplant. Every process is well defined and the patient can easily know he or she is getting the best hair transplant. Grafts are counted under microscope and preserved in Autologous Growth factors. Grafts are separated and kept in seperate trays with each tray having singles, doubles and triple or four hair follicles. This is a important part as every follicle has a certain defined place in scalp. In most FUE and DHI process grafts are placed randomly one by one without seperation.Slits or incisions are done by main surgeon and counted using a counter. Patients can easily get involved in counting process to ensure exact number of slits made and grafts placed.

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant

Anything new in India in hair transplant takes time to accept. Like when Dr Surana started FUE in India in 2008 after his training in Europe hardly any clinic, Doctor or patient knew about it. Only FUT was done in India at that time. None of the doctors were ready to accept that FUE will ever be successful.Now FUE is the most used technique all over the world. Similarly its expected that in next 5 years AHT will be the most used technique and hair transplant will no longer be called FUE which is just a extraction method of hair follicles.

How AHT is different from other transplants?

Lack of transparency in hair transplant is the biggest factor which troubles patients all over the world. Surgeons leave their work to technicians or training doctors. This should never happen. If a patient has gone to a certain clinic for particular Doctor his transplant should always be done by the same Doctor. Hair transplant factories like turkey should not let patients ripped off by letting them operated by technicians. A hair transplant for somebody can be a new life. It can happen only once or twice in a lifetime. Lost grafts cannot be compensated by free session or repair hair transplant.

In AHT transparency is the key. You will be operated by main surgeon only. Training will not happen on you. For that there are top medical institutes and training centres. Every graft will be counted along with how many hairs in each graft. A trained and qualified team will work with Doctor. No surprises and hiding names of Doctor who will operate on you. We are busy but not so much that our surgeon will not meet you during your first consultation. Marketing consultants will not decide how many grafts you require.

Your cost of hair transplant will be transparent and fixed. You don’t have to pay for PRP GFC or special shampoos after the procedure for next one year. All will be told to you before hand.

Monaris hair clinic and Dr Arihant Surana feels you should get the most transparent and best hair transplant in India. You will be given enough time by appointment to ask all your queries. All follow ups will be free for next one year after transplant.

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

Our Doctor will advice you what you can expect from your hair transplant. There is 100% satisfaction rate with our hair transplant. We have same Doctor and team of technicians working on every patient for last 9 years. Till date every follicle from every scalp is extracted by Dr Arihant Surana. We are one of the few clinics in world with consistent results.





DHI, DHT, AHT or FUE – Best technique for hair Transplant

Confused which technique is good for hair transplant Here is a guide for you. I have worked on all techniques of hair transplant in the last 15 years. I Started DHI in India in 2008, worked with Alvi Armani USA from 2012 to 2020. My experience says that technique matters but less than the surgeon who is doing it. Hair transplant cost varies from clinic to clinic. Cost varies from Doctor, city, place, the experience of clinic and doctor.

DHI or direct hair Implantation technique is derived from FUE where hair transplant surgeon extracts hair follicles one by one from the back of the scalp and Implants Immediately on the front. This is the original Direct hair Implantation technique. But DHI itself does not follow this technique anymore. A pen-like device called CHOI  implanter is used to implant hair follicles one by one in the scalp. In my experience, its difficult is to achieve high density with one DHI transplant. May need multiple sessions for achieving dense results.

DHT is derived from DHI and follows the method of immediate implantation after extraction. Medically they do not have any major advantage over regular hair transplants. Only smaller sessions can be done with it and are logistically more complicated than other transplants. Most DHT transplants are done in two to three days.

AHT or Autologous hair transplant is the technique we follow at Monaris and it’s the combination of best techniques used for Follicle extraction Designing of grafts and Implantation. Autologous growth factors are used during transplants to increase graft survival and regrowth. AHT has the advantage of the main surgeon extracting all follicles to ensure the lowest transaction rate of grafts and healthy grafts are extracted. Most other techniques let technicians extract the grafts. AHT also focuses on the latest graft designing techniques. This means that grafts are not randomly placed on your scalp. AHT graft placement ensures that grafts are placed in such a manner that it creates the illusion of very high density. In AHT you will never need 5000-6000 grafts to achieve good results. Fewer grafts can give higher density.

FUE is a method of follicle extraction and now most techniques of hair transplant are FUE based.

At monaris, we follow the best and safe practices of hair transplants. Every hair transplant is for a lifetime and our quality control on every transplant ensures your transplant never fail.

Do once but do the best.





Follicular Extraction in Hair transplant Should be done by Main Surgeon Only

What’s happening in Hair transplant clinics Now

Hair transplant cost is one of the main deciding factors in India to choose a clinic. For patients all FUE are same and only the cost comparison with different clinics usually becomes the deciding factor for hair transplant. All hair transplant procedure are good till main surgeon does it. Most clinics use help of technicians and junior doctors to do follicle extraction and Implantation. This saves time of main surgeon and he can do multiple surgeries at a time. Getting follicle extraction with technicians is not only dangerous but can also compromise results significantly. It’s ethically wrong for the hair transplant clinics and their Doctors to leave patients and their results at the mercy of their technicians.

Extraction of follicles requires precision and speed as well. Most clinics where main surgeon extracts follicle himself can do 4000 grafts in a single day. Extraction is done by technicians usually takes 2 days to do the same procedure. This helps to reduce cost significantly but results are usually compromised.

What we Do at Monaris Hair clinic

At Monaris we do not let technicians do the surgical part. Only our main surgeon extracts the follicles and technicians only assist him. Better quality of follicles with the lowest transaction helps us to extract almost all follicles from scalp only. We avoid poor quality beard and body hair which are usually different in the growth cycle, length and texture from scalp hairs. All our surgeries are single-day procedures compared due to excellent speed and precision. Dr Arihant Surana is the only surgeon in India who has headed global hair transplant companies in India like DHI Europe and Alviarmani USA for the last 14 years. His experience and ethics are unmatched with all surgeries including follicular extraction done by him. Our AHT technique and advanced Instruments ensures that only the main surgeon extracts all follicles

Whom should we meet on visiting a clinic?

Always meet the surgeon who will do your procedure. Clinics who will not let you meet the main surgeon may not actually have a doctor to do your surgery. These clinics usually call doctors and technicians on a case to case basis. These types of clinics should be avoided.

Why you Should NEVER Do A FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is an old process of hair transplants. I did this hair transplant when FUE was not available. Few hair transplant surgeons still do this hair transplant in India. FUT Hair transplant cost is much cheaper than FUE hair transplant in India. Patients are unaware of FUT technique. FUT is extremely painful. FUT Clinics use Terms like terms like No Scar, Damage of grafts in FUE, Trichophytic Closure, etc. These are used to misguide patients. The worst is they tell to combine FUT with FUE to convince.

Nobody should get painful lifetime scar. Most of the patients are told that there are no scar and trichophytic closure will be done.But most of the patient with trichophytic closure I have seen still has bad and widened scar. Its not that hair Don’t grow with FUT but in the world of minimally invasive why such invasive and Brutal Procedure is required. All surgeries are No stitch now then why surgery 20 stitches is promoted.

Its also a misnomer which FUT clinics say about graft damage in FUE.Infact FUE is a procedure where there is no graft damage if DOCTOR is ready to spend time on surgery. FUE Grafts will either come out and be used in transplant. If they are transacted the root will remain in the scalp and will grow back. So either it will come out or will grow back in scalp. Doctors doing extraction by there own hands will never damage grafts beyond permissible limits. Also imagine 20-25 stitches on the scalp with all blood vessels and nerves cut down till bone in FUT vs Small needle pricks in the skin only which heals overnight.

Patients looking for Best hair transplant procedure should always visit both clinics which do FUE and FUT. Visiting only one Doctor will not let you make the right decision. 99% of clinics worldwide have accepted FUE. At the monaris hair clinic, we stopped FUT completely. We support a painless FUE hair transplant procedure.

New Hairline Transplant results-Dr.Arihant Surana

Hair line Transplant results-Dr.Arihant surana


Hair Transplant for Hair Line correction

Why good hairline is important:-

Hairline forms your face structure. Every face has a different size shape and age. No thumb rule can be applied to every face. All hair transplant doctors and surgeons should be aware of how to create the best hairline design. The hairline is a critical part of any hair transplant. Most of the clinics and doctors usually make a typical hairline for every patient. Some times it’s easy to tell where the hair transplant was done by just looking at the hairline design. Hair transplant now is not about just growing some hair. Aesthetics is important when hairline should be designed.

Is the hairline designed as per the age of the patient?

The hairline should always be designed depending on the age of the patient. Hairline in Indian patients is always different from American or European patients. Patients should never go for very low hairlines. All hairlines should look good at any age. So patient at 25 should not have a hairline of 50 and patients at 50 should not have a hairline of 25.Hair Line designing is an art and it should be separately done for every patient. Every face shape size and structure is different and hence same hair lines should not be put in every patient.

Important factors to remember before fixing hairline by transplant

The most important factor a patient should remember is to listen to the Doctor. The same goes for the doctor. Most patients carry 15-20-year-old photos and wish to have hair like that. It’s good to have an idea but usually impossible to give such hairlines. With age and facial maturity, hairlines should look good on the face. Too young and low hairlines give an unnatural appearance to the entire face. Patients should not worry about the designing of the hairline as your doctor with years of experience knows what’s good and what’s not for you.

It’s common for the patients to draw a line which no doctor wants to do. A thorough discussion is required before hair transplant surgery for satisfying the needs of the patient.