FAQ Regarding Hair Transplant

Can I do a hair transplant without a cut, stitches, or scar..??
Yes. Now there is no need for any cut stitches and scars for hair transplant. Newer techniques have made it possible to get transplants done without stitches. This technique is FUE.
Transplant cost is so variable between different doctors and companies. Difficult to choose.
Transplant cost is dependent on many factors. The surgeon you choose and the company you choose are critical. Look for a company that invests in research. Most of the international companies you see are started by individuals only. They are better than single-clinic individual doctors as they invest better in research, and customizing instruments and it’s next to impossible for them to copy by any individual doctor.
As a patient, you don’t know the actual procedure which happens inside the surgery room. When you hear the cost you get confused that the same thing costs at some other clinic less than half. so if you get better quality better services, the best results, and assurance that this clinic will not close down after one year then you have to pay for it.
Some doctors say that you get better results in FUSS or strip than in FUE.
That’s not true. Results depend on the number of grafts placed and placed grafts grown back. Five years back strip was better as FUE use to yield 1200 to 1500 grafts. With ALVI ARMANI the number of grafts is much higher than you can get with the strip. So if you get the same or more grafts with FUE then I find no need to cut, stitch, and shorten your neck.
I did a transplant with a leading company and did not get the results as promised.
The first thing to ask yourself is have you done due research? Being in this industry I know 90% of the people don’t do any research. This is the first mistake. They don’t the difference between the graft and hair. They believe the photoshopped results of celebrities as true. They are easily sold out by the salespeople at the clinics. You will see celebrities and stars in advertisements. Once you do your due research you will find that they never did it.
I searched on Google but got more confused
You should know how the internet works. The top three sites and the lot of ads you see on the right-hand side are paid ads. Then there are organic searches which are the pages you see after the first three links. You also see lots of forums and blogs advising you about hair transplants. Not all of them are true and genuine. In most places, it has been seen that competitors criticize one doctor and praises the other. Many forums are money-making machines as they keep the doctor who pays good money on top as compared to the doctor who is good. The comments are filtered as per the need. Remember with good work comes criticism also. This is valid for you and me as well.

Beware of websites that sound similar to the main company website. These are the fakest people and are planted by competitors to malign the name of the company doing good work. In India, you can see a lot of companies have opened up their shops with fake names sounding similar to popular international companies. Keep yourself away and don’t believe those.

Dr. Surana
Medical Head – Alvi Armani IndiaDidn’t find the answer to your question here? Email us at info@monaris.in or contact page

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