alvi armani hair transplant Alvi armani hair transplant clinic is located in new delhi.Alvi Armani medical group is headquartered in USA and the leading hair transplant company involved in latest hair transplants and research.Its latest research ORIGENERE TR1 has been awarded US patent.

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alvi armani revolutionary researched product ORIGENERE TR1 gets US patent

Origenere®TR1™ Spray Trichological Revolution Super Hair Formula ORIGENERE® TR1™ Super Hair Formula For Thinning Hair is patented formulation resulting from years of research. This tonic is formulated from natural plant ingredients known for centuries to aid people with thinning hair problems. Now used with our latest technology. For men and women.

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FAQ Regarding Hair Transplant

1. Can I do hair transplant without cut ,stitches or scar..?? Yes. Now there is no need for any cut stitches and scars for hair transplant. Newer techniques have made it possible to get transplant done without stitches. This technique is FUE. 2. Transplant cost is so variable between different doctors and companies? Difficult to choose. Transplant cost is dependent on many factors. The surgeon you choose and the company you choose is critical. Look for the company who invests in research. Most of the international companies you see are started by individuals only. They are better than single clinic individual…

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Young, urban customers feeding growth of hair transplant clinics

  New Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore: Shane Warne has done it. So has Michael Vaughan. And, closer home, Virender Sehwag. So, it was no surprise that Sahil Madan, now 28, decided, to do something about his receding hairline. He spent Rs.81,000 for the treatment and says he is satisfied with the result. Customers such as Madan—young, urban, well-heeled and just that little bit vain about how they look—are the reason why newspapers and magazines are replete with before-after ads for hair clinics that offer anything from a treatment to a complete transplant. “Today, we’re not just dealing with extreme cases of baldness. We are seeing a number of young…

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