Reach Dr Arihant Surana for all your hair transplant queries and procedure details at drsurana@monaris.in. Dr Surana was associated with Alvi Armani USA from 2012 till 2020 as medical Director and Chief hair transplant surgeon. Dr Arihant Surana is now medical Director and Chief hair transplant surgeon at Monaris Hair clinic. Patients can also book Dr Surana Appointment by calling at 9818642643.

For more details visit our hair transplant site www.monarishair.com



Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Skin and Hair Clinic

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  1. Zeerak akbar

    Hi I would like to ask how much a women’s hairtransplant would cost with the latest technology and how many gratfs and hairs will be required.Please when you get time get to me as soon as possible and I will send you the pics of my wife’s scalp pictures.Thank you

  2. Naveen

    How much a men transplant would cost

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