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Best Hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR

Monaris hair transplant clinic in Delhi provides world-class hair transplant and hair restoration procedures. Monaris hair clinic is the center of excellence for AHT hair transplants in Delhi. Besides hair transplant procedures like eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, Scalp micro pigmentation, Hair replacement, and hair loss treatment by medication are done at monaris hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

The first step for all hair treatments in Delhi is a step by step consultation by a Trichologist to diagnose the cause of alopecia. After diagnosis appropriate treatment is advised depending on the grade and pattern of hair loss. Monaris is the only hair transplant clinic in Delhi where all hair transplants are done by senior hair transplant surgeons only.

All Monaris hair clinic in India like Delhi performs hair transplant by AHT technique. Other techniques which can be done at Monaris hair clinic is DHI, DHT, FUE and FUT. Our surgeon will advise which hair transplant is best for you.

The hair transplant cost in Delhi at monaris will vary with the grade of baldness and grafts required. Monaris is the most cost-friendly clinic in Delhi with the highest hair transplant success rate.

About Monaris hair transplant clinic in Delhi

Monaris Hair clinic is located in heart of south Delhi which is also the heart of hair transplants in India. All the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi are located in South Delhi. Monaris hair clinic is located on main Ring Road at E-13, 1st Floor, Defence colony. It’s approachable through the metro stations of Lajpatnagar and South Extension. Spread over 6000 sq feet facility Monaris Hair clinic is the largest hair transplant clinic in Delhi. The operating rooms are equipped with the latest infrastructure and state of the art equipment meeting global standards. Monaris is a true global hair transplant clinic with years of partnership with companies like AlviArmani USA. Dr Arihant Surana has worked with top Doctors in the USA and Europe. Monaris Hair Clinic is dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss for the last 10 years. Top cricketers, Actors and business people frequent Monaris hair clinic in Delhi for their hair treatment. Monaris Hair clinic not only offers hair transplant with AHT technique but a complete hair transplant solution in India. Patients can also get following treatments at Monaris Hair Clinic

  1. FUE hair transplant – FUE is not a transplant but a method of extraction of hair follicles from the scalp without cuts and stitches. Most hair transplant now follows this method of extraction.
  2. DHI hair transplant – This is the method of Implantation of hair follicle in scalp. Again its not a method of complete transplant but just a method of hair Implant using CHOI Implanter.
  3. FUT Hair Transplant – This hair follicle method extraction involves cutting a strip from the back of scalp. Its more invasive and involves stitches and scars. Almost obsolete now with very few doctors in India using this technique.
  4. Hair Transplant Repair- Hair transplant has to be repaired in cases where the patient does not get adequate density or the patient is not happy with his transplant. The repair can involve removing transplanted hair and moving them to other places of the scalp. Redesigning of hairline, follicle angle correction, laser hair removal if needed and density filling between existing transplants.
  5. GFC and PRP hair loss treatment – At monaris, initial hair loss is treated with PRP and GFC hair loss treatments. GFC hair loss treatment is approximately 70 times more superior to PRP hair loss treatment.
  6. Hair Replacement – Hair Replacement is offered to patients who have medical reasons for hair loss, inadequate donor area, chemotherapy and other reasons where hair transplant cannot be done. Hair replacement in a clinic setting under dermatologist care helps in avoiding unwanted side effects of hair systems and hair patches.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi at Monaris hair clinic

Hair transplant cost in Delhi varies from clinic to clinic. Inexperienced and newer clinics offer cheaper hair transplants compared to clinics with experienced Doctors and surgeons. The hair transplant cost in Delhi depends on many factors. Grade of baldness, Experience of a surgeon in India and Globally, location and floor of the clinic, years in practice, Surgeon time and involvement in the procedure etc. Hair transplant clinics located in Delhi and functional in basements are cheaper compared to clinics working legally on the ground and first floors. Hair transplants in Delhi mainly done by technicians are cheaper than the clinics like monaris where end to end transplants are done by the main hair transplant surgeon. Clinics with inexperienced or where junior Doctors do surgery offer hair transplants at throwaway prices. Most people who underwent cheap hair transplants in Delhi are highly dissatisfied and paid almost double to repair their bad transplant.

At monaris hair clinic and with the AHT hair transplant technique technicians will never extract your hair follicle. So if a technician extracts your hair follicle then it’s some inferior hair transplant technique that is used. Our excellence and sustainable results in hair transplant are due to our superior quality control during a hair transplant. At monaris our every patient is VIP and every hair transplant we do has to be 100% successful.

We use the fairest and transparent method to calculate hair transplant cost in Delhi. Patients are free to count their grafts and we assist them to know the actual number of grafts extracted and Implanted. All patients are given a certificate of the number of grafts extracted and Implanted. So if you see a huge price difference in the cost of a hair transplants then evaluate the reason behind the clinic offering cheap hair transplants in Delhi.

AHT hair transplant at Monaris

AHT hair transplant was designed with the purpose of delivering complete hair transplant to patients compared to FUE which is just an extraction method or DHI which is just a method of Implantation. A well-defined way to extract, design and Implant is what Autologous Hair transplant means. It’s a complete procedure exclusively done by the main surgeon with the use of autologous growth factors. Graft survival and regrowth are the best with AHT hair transplants. AHT hair transplant involves the best hair transplant surgeon and team in Delhi and all procedures are single day compared to 2 days procedure in other techniques. Since the transaction rate is lowest in AHT, superior quality scalp hairs are most preferred in AHT compared to beard and body hairs used in other FUE hair transplants.

AHT is a complete transplant not just part of transplants like FUE or DHI.

Best hair transplant with complete involvement of the main surgeon.

Autologous growth factors are used to prepare grafts and scalp before Implantation. Superior hair transplant results assured.

Proprietary methods of extraction, Design and density and Implantation technique to prevent graft damage

Team of highly trained professionals for consistent results

Celebrities like Harshal Patel, Stuart Binny, Hanuma Vihari, Jattin Kocchar trusted the Monaris AHT hair transplant technique.

The finest and minimally invasive procedure with just 12 hours of healing time. Most patients can resume work or travel on the next day of the procedure.

So if you are looking for an exclusive hair transplant at Monaris hair clinic Book your appointment Now

Monaris hair clinic and Dr Arihant Surana are the most experienced hair loss experts in Delhi. We have done 1000’s of  hair transplants and are treating hair loss sufferers in Delhi for the last 14 years.

Hair transplant in Delhi is the most common procedure that men do. Increasingly women hair transplant has also become popular in last 6 years.

FAQ’s regarding hair transplant in Delhi

Is hair transplant in Delhi successful?

Hair transplant in Delhi is most successful procedure. At monaris hair clinic we believe success of any hair transplant depends on Hair transplant surgeon, technology used, adequate infrastructure of the hair transplant clinic, post care followed.

How monaris hair transplant is different?

Monaris uses complete hair transplant technology like AHT which includes perfect extraction of follicles using precision instruments, focus on design and high density in single session single day procedure, segregation and separation of hair follicles preserved in Autologous growth Factors and fast implantation. A procedure of 4000 grafts (not hairs) can be done in 6-8 hours.

How much my hair transplant will cost?

Hair transplant cost in Delhi at Monaris varies from patient to patient. Patients can expect highest medical standards at one of the largest hair transplant clinic in India at very affordable price.Hair transplant cost may vary depending on the hair transplant technique used, involvement of surgeon in procedure, area to be covered or grafts required and expected density of hair transplant.

How successful is Monaris hair transplant in Delhi?

Monaris hair clinic and Dr Arihant Surana are delivering exceptional hair transplant results for last 14 years. Dr Arihant Surana is associated with most top celebrity hair transplant in India. He has worked as Medical director for top global companies. He has got exceptional hand skills, artistic approach and passion for hair transplant. Patients can expect nothing less then best from monaris hair clinic in India.

What are the things I have to do before my hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant is a simple procedure at Monaris with minimal down time from work. Once you will confirm your appointment you will receive a detailed pre procedure instructions to be followed. You have to undergo certain blood tests. Hair transplant at Monaris hair clinic is minimally invasive and no pain killers are required in the entire procedure. At monaris you will be guided and helped by our consultants through out the procedure.

How many grafts I may require for my transplant?

Precise calculation of grafts will be done by our surgeon before the procedure. He will do scalp and follicle examination test to understand the quality of hair, area to be covered. Our alopecia diagnostic test helps patients to understand the exact number of grafts required and hairline design.

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