Hair Transplant – Expectation Vs Reality

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Hair transplant in India and the world has become one of the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure. In India especially New Delhi is hub for hair transplants in India. Most patients travel from all over the world at Monaris hair clinic in Delhi for their hair transplants. Patients travelling to India research extensively for the best hair transplant clinic. But is their expectation are met in terms for a procedure or medical standards in India.

India has given CEO’s of top IT companies like Google, IBM, Twitter, Microsoft etc. Very few know that India has the best Doctors and medical standards in the world. Indian Doctors form a majority in UK and USA. It’s easy to find Indian Doctors in any part of the world. When it comes to hair transplants Indians have shown the way to the world. Hair loss in India is taboo and sometimes you cannot even get married if you are Bald. Indian hair transplant clinics alone do so many hair transplants that many countries together cannot do. India’s most hair transplant clinics are fair, regulated and owned by Doctors as compared to hair transplants in Turkey where these things are difficult to find.

The expectation of Hair transplant patient

Patients undergoing hair transplants always want a full head of hair with high density.

Most patients just want to do an entire hair transplant in one go.

They want to avoid multiple sessions.

They are looking for the best hair transplant clinic.

Patients want best with the Lowest price.

They expect very Low hair line

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