Why DOCTOR is Important for your Hair transplant

Ever noticed you went to a famous clinic for a hair transplant and you didn’t even meet the Doctor who will do your transplant. As a doctor, I understand very well that no doctor wants to have a surprise patient on the date of surgery and no patient will like to have a surprise Doctor on the day of Surgery.

Hair Transplant is an art best done by an experienced doctor. There are doctors who are dedicated to the profession and does entire surgery themselves. There are clinics that are factories of Cheap Hair transplant and Doctors hardly spend time in Hair transplant surgery.

A hair transplant is a scalp surgery and you should choose the best.A highly named Doctor from Top Institute does not mean he will be a good hair transplant surgeon. Most of the top institutes in India don’t even teach or do hair transplants.Its only experience and dedication of a surgeon in hair transplant surgery will make him a better surgeon.

As the hair transplant industry grows and the prices start crashing down short cuts are common. Every clinic wants to do many surgeries at the lowest possible prices to keep surviving. There are multiple operating theaters with one doctor and 3-4 surgeries are done in a day. These are clinics where every staff including peon and driver have become a hair transplant technician.

Things have become more and more confusing for patients with every passing day.Indians as we are always look for the cheapest hair transplant.Doctors and clinics are trying to make it cheap by cutting the corners in Surgery.At times patients don’t even ask who is the surgeon and how much time he is going to spend exclusively in his surgery.

Clinics are also getting more commercial instead of getting more professional.Patients are also desperate and does not spend time doing there research and meeting the surgeon.Marketing FUE with different names and different Rates is the trend of town.Multiple prices for the same technique is just to sell the surgery to the patient as per his budget.

Clinics who are Cheating patients will not survive many days.Lot of them have closed down and more are going to be in coming up days.Patient is smart and will always choose the Best hair transplant clinic for himself.

Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Skin and Hair Clinic

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