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Cell Compositions and Methods for Hair Follicle Generation

Cell Compositions and Methods for Hair Follicle Generation

On April 8 2011, Alvi Armani filed for US patent on Hair Multiplication& Regeneration.Where people are talking about it nowadays and calling it new technology , Alvi Armani has already done research in 2011. Below is the brief description about the Patent :  The application describes a method of generating a hair follicle, comprising administering a […]



  1. I want hair transplant. But I want to know the cost. And is there any clinic in Kolkata.

  2. i am 23, i m suffering from hair loss, within 2 years i will get bald, i want to take remedies. please suggest me what to do and will the hair transplant be looks like natural or not. how much cost to take the action

  3. I m 26, losing hair density from last four years. Now 1/4 left of original density. Hairline got deeper too. What would you suggest? Any treatment or hair transplant?

  4. I am suffering for hair loss problem so please how much cost to take hair transplant

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