Hair Tranaplant cost in India

Hair transplant Cost in India.

How much my hair transplant will cost in India?

What are the factors which decide the cost of a hair transplant?

Follicle extraction by surgeon vs. follicle extraction by technicians?

Fue hair transplant cost vs. FUT Hair transplant cost?

Hair transplant Cost in Delhi?

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai?

Hair transplant cost in Bengaluru?

Hair transplant cost in Hyderabad?

Hair transplant cost in Kolkatta


How much my hair transplant will cost in India?

” What is the cost of a hair transplant” or ” what is the cost per graft of a hair transplant” This is the most common question a patient always calls and asks our hair transplant clinic. Hair transplant cost depends on many factors; the most important is the surgeon’s experience. Transplant cost in India ranges from Rs 50000 – Rs 400000.

As most people think a hair transplant is not costly for lifetime results. Our advanced hair transplant techniques ensure that only the leading surgeon does the entire procedure. At Monaris Hair Clinic, hair transplant starts at the cost of 80000 for 1000 grafts and can go up to 400,000 for 4000+ grafts.


What are the factors which decide the cost of a hair transplant?

Hair transplant cost depends on many factors; the most important is the surgeon’s experience. Other factors that decide hair transplant cost include the clinic’s LocationLocation, the clinic, the expertise of the clinic and its doctors, and whether the surgeon or technician extracts the hair follicles. The clinic, which follows international standards and works with global companies, is costlier than Indian companies. Quality of instruments, Zero infection protocols, and Advanced Pain management techniques can increase the cost of hair transplant.

Follicle extraction by surgeon vs. follicle extraction by technicians?

An essential fact about hair transplants is who does the most crucial part of the surgery. The most critical part of all hair transplants is follicle extraction. Follicle extraction in FUE hair transplant needs skill, patience, and years of experience. Follicles that are damaged, transacted, and undergo wear and tear due to machines used during extraction are less likely to grow after implantation. A surgeon better understands the nuisances of this procedure better than a technician. Follicle extraction consumes most of the surgeon’s time. Clinics train technicians to extract hair follicles, saving time and cost for the patient. It is difficult to judge the expertise of a technician for the most critical part of the surgery. At monaris, our AHT hair transplant technique ensures that only the primary surgeon will extract hair follicles. Technicians are only to assist and not to operate on the patient scalp.

Fue hair transplant cost vs. FUT Hair transplant cost?

98% of hair transplants happening around the world are FUE. With the introduction of FUE hair transplant in India in 2007, FUT hair transplant clinics have almost closed. FUT is now the cheapest and most invasive hair transplant. Fue-based transplants such as AHT and DHI are more popular around the world. A reasonable FUE hair transplant costs between 50-100 Rs per graft. Clinics charge as per their standards, Locations, and time spent by their surgeon. Any transplant is much cheaper than new clinics and Doctors or compromised in the use of instruments, growth factors, and quality of technicians.

FUT is an invasive procedure, and despite being the cheapest hair transplant procedure, there are very few takers. The doctor’s involvement is generally limited to cutting a strip and sometimes making slits. FUT transplants usually should not cost more than 50000 INR in India.

Hair transplant Cost in Delhi?

Delhi is not only the capital of India but also the capital of hair transplants. India does the maximum number of hair transplants after Turkey. Delhi stands at the No.1 position.100’s of hair transplant clinics, and new ones are opening every day in Newdelhi. Indian Doctors are the best in the world and are the healthcare backbone of every Country. Indian Doctors are the reason people all around the globe prefer India over turkey for their hair transplants. At monaris hair clinic, in the last 15 years, we have seen a significant change in the number of people traveling to us from all over the world for quality hair transplants. Hair transplant clinics in Delhi charge Rs 60000-400000 for a hair transplant. It is advisable not to fall into the trap of cheaper clinics as they may cut corners, risking patient results and safety.


Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and stands at No 2 in hair transplant procedures after Delhi. Mumbai Doctors are excellent, and prices may be slightly higher than in Delhi as real estate costs are higher. Some of the best hair transplant surgeons operate in Mumbai at affordable prices. It’s better to visit individual doctors in any city to look for adequate infrastructure and meet with the surgeon.


Hair transplant cost in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru or Banglore is where men lose more hair than anywhere in the Country. Bengaluru still does not have very great doctors and clinics for hair transplants. Most patients from Bengaluru travel to clinics in Newdelhi and Mumbai for their hair transplants. Our team from monaris hair clinic regularly travels to Bengaluru for patients review and follow-ups. The cost of hair transplants in Banglore varies from 50000 – 200,000 INR with very few quality clinics.


Hair transplant cost in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is one of the most upcoming cities for hair transplants. With limited clinics doing hair transplants and easy access to cities like Mumbai and Delhi, patients prefer to travel for their hair transplants. At Monaris, young south Indian actors and cricketers like Hanuma Vihari have traveled to our Newdelhi clinic for hair transplants. If you are looking for a hair transplant in Hyderabad, you must pay somewhere between 50000 and 200,000 INR. Ensure you visit the clinic and do not just look at the internet and website photos to decide on the clinics.


Hair Transplant in Kolkatta?

Kolkatta is a beautiful city, and Bengalis are known to have perfect hair. Kolkatta doctors have been doing hair transplants for many years, but FUT is more popular there. Many new doctors and clinics have started hair transplants, and we expect them to be good. Patients can visit these clinics and look for infrastructure, talk to primary surgeons, look for their experience and work on google and decide. A good surgeon can be costly initially, but it’s best to pay more and remain risk-free.


Hair transplant in smaller cities?

Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, etc, are some smaller and upcoming cities where people look for their hair transplants. Costs in these cities are cheaper than in metros. Hair transplant cost in Indore starts from 40000 and can go up to 1.5 lakh. Facilities are not as good as metros, and surgeons are also less experienced. Most clinics in these cities depend on surgeons traveling monthly from metros. Some clinics do call technicians from metro cities for hair transplants. It’s preferred that a patient should get all details about the surgeon and clinic before getting into a hair transplant in these cities.


Not to ignore these facts about hair transplant

1.Never Compromise

2.Take it seriously

3. Say no to hair transplant by technicians

4. Hair is life

Never Compromise

Hair transplant sounds easy and simple procedure but is technical and excellent surgical skills are required to give a perfect hair transplant. With marketing teams making clinics and doctors popular in India hair transplant clinics are flooded with enquiries. Different methods are used to sell hair transplant to patients.

A. You tube videos are commonest tactic used by clinics to attract patients. It sounds that the method clinics use and the procedures they do is as simple as go in and come out with every patient in videos getting excellent results. Hope thats true. There are lot of patients praising a particular doctor and a particular clinic with there month on month results shown in these videos. Well its good but surprisingly all this is paid. No real life patient has time and interest to post their hair transplant photos all over the internet. Making videos every month with no financial gains is the last thing a real patient will do. Remember how many videos you have made of the doctors you have visited. Probably none till date.

B. Before after Pictures. :- All clinics and doctors use before after pictures to show their results. Remember only best results are shown in those pictures. Every doctor and clinic has a dark side which real patients do not know. As patient its important to evaluate and research by visiting clinics and meeting doctors.

Take it seriously

Patients think hair transplant is solution to all hair loss problem. Hair transplant can only be done only for one type of hair loss that’s Androgenetic Alopecia. In some cases scars can also be filled up with transplant. Rest all types of hair loss needs proper medical advice and treatment. Patients call clinics and ask per graft cost or cost of PRP etc. They have no interest in knowing they really need a transplant or PRP. Hair transplant is a serious medical procedure and should be done only after proper consultation. Most patients end up with bad results or worse situation as they usually fall prey of heavy marketing and consultants selling hair transplant to every patient. The medical doctor or hair transplant surgeon only sees the patient on the day of surgery. Never fall on this trap. Best hair transplant will always let you communicate with main surgeon. Its ok to spend some fees for the time doctor spends with you. Nothing is free in this world.Anything free comes at a much higher cost. So don’t expect everything to be free.

Say NO to hair transplant by technicians.

Clinics often use tactics to get your transplant by technicians. This helps to reduce cost of hair transplant and doctors can do other regular work in clinics. Are you ready for this? Never get your follicle extraction done by technicians. You pay less or get it free but nobody have right to compromise your hair transplant surgery. You pay a million and you do not get your follicle back once its damaged. You can end up with lost donor area, compromised result just to save few bucks. Be clear at your first consultation with main surgeon that all follicles to be extracted by the surgeon and not technicians or junior doctors. Surely at some clinics the price may get inflated immediately as you say that. So it will be clear to you that a compromised procedure is offered to you at a cheaper price and if you want the best it may cost higher.

Nowhere in world a medical procedure will have different pricing. Pricing may vary with the facility and experience of the doctor at different clinics but same clinic with different pricing is just a marketing tactic. Many clinics offer different per graft cost. They may have 20-300 Rs per graft cost. Its just to get patient with all budget in clinic. A standard procedure will never change. Most ethical clinics will just have single pricing for all patients as a medical procedure will not change with economic standard of patient. Like there cannot be cheaper heart surgery and a costly heart surgery. You can get the same surgery free at AIIMS and may pay lakhs at private hospital. The standard  surgical procedure remains the same.

Hair is life

When young you look more at the cost of hair transplant as resources are limited. You are ready to choose a cheaper clinic for hair transplant to save some money. Your hair is costlier then anything in your life. Follicle once gone will never regrow at any cost. Consider your hair as your life. Once gone there is no returning back. At certain point you may have all the money but still you cannot correct a bad hair transplant as you have lost all the donor area. Think a minute and choose a hair transplant clinic which is not just marketing. Take a decision which you do not regret everyday when you see a mirror.

Autologous Hair Transplant – Future of Hair Transplant

What is AHT?

Why AHT is better than FUE?

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant?

How AHT is different from other transplants?

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

What is AHT?

AHT or autologous Hair transplant is a technique and term coined by Dr Arihant Surana at Monaris hair clinic to define a complete hair transplant process. Autologous means derived from the same individual. Like many other terms used in medical science such as Autologous bone marrow transplant or Autologous blood transfusion, Autologous hair transplant means follicles derived from the same individual.

In past years hair transplant name was always known with the name how the follicles are extracted or Implanted. FUE and FUT were actually the methods of extraction of the hair follicle. An attempt was never made to define the complete hair transplant process. At monaris, we decided to define a complete hair transplant process that not only includes a FUE method of extraction but also the best techniques of creating slits, design and density creation and a well-defined Implantation process.

A complete hair transplant process is important for best results. Some techniques only focus on extraction processes like FUE or Bio FUE etc and some only focus on Implantation like DHI or DHT etc. None of these techniques is complete and only one part is better defined than the other. AHT makes this process complete and will soon be accepted as the world best hair transplant method.

Why AHT is better than FUE

Almost every hair transplant clinic in India extracts follicles by FUE. They use different punch sizes or different machines for follicle extraction. Designing and density creation and implantation processes are different for every clinic. As a result of this, every clinic doing FUE has different results. This means if you are getting FUE at any clinic results are unpredictable. Some clinics may have good results and some may have better results. This happens because the process is not standardized. For example in some FUE clinics, a Surgeon may extract hair follicles and in some technicians. Since the transaction rate and quality of follicles will differ in both clinics the result will differ. In AHT only the main surgeon will extract hair follicles.

Yes, you heard it right. AHT hair transplant involves the main surgeon in the entire hair transplant process from the beginning. Only Doctors will extract hair follicles, not technicians. So if the technician extracts a hair follicle it’s not AHT. AHT is a no-compromise hair transplant. Every process is well defined and the patient can easily know he or she is getting the best hair transplant. Grafts are counted under microscope and preserved in Autologous Growth factors. Grafts are separated and kept in seperate trays with each tray having singles, doubles and triple or four hair follicles. This is a important part as every follicle has a certain defined place in scalp. In most FUE and DHI process grafts are placed randomly one by one without seperation.Slits or incisions are done by main surgeon and counted using a counter. Patients can easily get involved in counting process to ensure exact number of slits made and grafts placed.

Why I have not heard about AHT hair transplant

Anything new in India in hair transplant takes time to accept. Like when Dr Surana started FUE in India in 2008 after his training in Europe hardly any clinic, Doctor or patient knew about it. Only FUT was done in India at that time. None of the doctors were ready to accept that FUE will ever be successful.Now FUE is the most used technique all over the world. Similarly its expected that in next 5 years AHT will be the most used technique and hair transplant will no longer be called FUE which is just a extraction method of hair follicles.

How AHT is different from other transplants?

Lack of transparency in hair transplant is the biggest factor which troubles patients all over the world. Surgeons leave their work to technicians or training doctors. This should never happen. If a patient has gone to a certain clinic for particular Doctor his transplant should always be done by the same Doctor. Hair transplant factories like turkey should not let patients ripped off by letting them operated by technicians. A hair transplant for somebody can be a new life. It can happen only once or twice in a lifetime. Lost grafts cannot be compensated by free session or repair hair transplant.

In AHT transparency is the key. You will be operated by main surgeon only. Training will not happen on you. For that there are top medical institutes and training centres. Every graft will be counted along with how many hairs in each graft. A trained and qualified team will work with Doctor. No surprises and hiding names of Doctor who will operate on you. We are busy but not so much that our surgeon will not meet you during your first consultation. Marketing consultants will not decide how many grafts you require.

Your cost of hair transplant will be transparent and fixed. You don’t have to pay for PRP GFC or special shampoos after the procedure for next one year. All will be told to you before hand.

Monaris hair clinic and Dr Arihant Surana feels you should get the most transparent and best hair transplant in India. You will be given enough time by appointment to ask all your queries. All follow ups will be free for next one year after transplant.

How will I know my result will be better with AHT?

Our Doctor will advice you what you can expect from your hair transplant. There is 100% satisfaction rate with our hair transplant. We have same Doctor and team of technicians working on every patient for last 9 years. Till date every follicle from every scalp is extracted by Dr Arihant Surana. We are one of the few clinics in world with consistent results.





Harshal Patel want to say Something about Hair Transplant


Harshal Patel the youngest and upcoming cricketer said something about his hair transplant. It’s Important to understand hair transplants and where to get them done. He has successfully done his hair transplant in Delhi at Monaris Hair Clinic with Dr Arihant Surana. Extremely happy with his results he wants to share his review about Monaris clinic.

Book appointments with top Hair Transplant Surgeon at Monaris hair clinic by calling at 9818642643

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

We are the World Leader in FUE Hair transplants. With clinics located in different parts of India and other countries. We are the true global clinic in India. Celebrity Hair transplant is headed by one of the first and most experienced FUE Hair Transplant in India. We offer the most advanced FUE Hair Transplant Technique which provides High Density, Robust Design, and the Most Successful transplants globally. Yes, it’s the first choice of most young cricketers, actors, and celebrities around the world.

DHI, DHT, AHT or FUE – Best technique for hair Transplant

Confused which technique is good for hair transplant Here is a guide for you. I have worked on all techniques of hair transplant in the last 15 years. I Started DHI in India in 2008, worked with Alvi Armani USA from 2012 to 2020. My experience says that technique matters but less than the surgeon who is doing it. Hair transplant cost varies from clinic to clinic. Cost varies from Doctor, city, place, the experience of clinic and doctor.

DHI or direct hair Implantation technique is derived from FUE where hair transplant surgeon extracts hair follicles one by one from the back of the scalp and Implants Immediately on the front. This is the original Direct hair Implantation technique. But DHI itself does not follow this technique anymore. A pen-like device called CHOI  implanter is used to implant hair follicles one by one in the scalp. In my experience, its difficult is to achieve high density with one DHI transplant. May need multiple sessions for achieving dense results.

DHT is derived from DHI and follows the method of immediate implantation after extraction. Medically they do not have any major advantage over regular hair transplants. Only smaller sessions can be done with it and are logistically more complicated than other transplants. Most DHT transplants are done in two to three days.

AHT or Autologous hair transplant is the technique we follow at Monaris and it’s the combination of best techniques used for Follicle extraction Designing of grafts and Implantation. Autologous growth factors are used during transplants to increase graft survival and regrowth. AHT has the advantage of the main surgeon extracting all follicles to ensure the lowest transaction rate of grafts and healthy grafts are extracted. Most other techniques let technicians extract the grafts. AHT also focuses on the latest graft designing techniques. This means that grafts are not randomly placed on your scalp. AHT graft placement ensures that grafts are placed in such a manner that it creates the illusion of very high density. In AHT you will never need 5000-6000 grafts to achieve good results. Fewer grafts can give higher density.

FUE is a method of follicle extraction and now most techniques of hair transplant are FUE based.

At monaris, we follow the best and safe practices of hair transplants. Every hair transplant is for a lifetime and our quality control on every transplant ensures your transplant never fail.

Do once but do the best.





Hair transplant Surgeon

Top 5 hair transplant clinics in India

Monaris is amongst the top 5 hair transplant clinic in India with only the main surgeon doing the entire procedure. Every follicle is extracted by the main surgeon only saving follicles for future and extraction without damage to follicles. Good quality follicles end up with good results. Clinics that offer follicle extraction by technicians are mostly clinics with untrained doctors. These clinics should be avoided to prevent inferior results and future complications.

India’s top 5 clinics will always offer follicle extraction by the main surgeon only. Patients should clearly ask consultants in initial consultation about who will do the follicle extraction during surgery. Clinics, where the surgeon is not operating on you, is either saving costs or risking your transplant. You should do due research before undergoing surgery at these clinics.

Other than follicular extraction by the main hair transplant surgeon, top 5 hair transplant clinics in India will always ask you to meet a hair transplant surgeon for consultation

Best hair transplant clinics will always count grafts and the number of hairs in each graft for better placement and designing of hair follicles.

Good clinics will be very transparent in the pricing and will not compromise on your transplant even if you pay a low price.

Best hair transplant clinics will always show genuine and original results rather than photoshopped photos.

Best hair transplant clinics in India is usually owned by Doctors and hair transplant surgeons and not corporates.

Good hair transplant clinics will not do excessive and false marketing of their clinics and various techniques of hair transplant.


Know more about the hair transplant surgery at monaris by calling us at 9818-642-643






Follicular Extraction in Hair transplant Should be done by Main Surgeon Only

What’s happening in Hair transplant clinics Now

Hair transplant cost is one of the main deciding factors in India to choose a clinic. For patients all FUE are same and only the cost comparison with different clinics usually becomes the deciding factor for hair transplant. All hair transplant procedure are good till main surgeon does it. Most clinics use help of technicians and junior doctors to do follicle extraction and Implantation. This saves time of main surgeon and he can do multiple surgeries at a time. Getting follicle extraction with technicians is not only dangerous but can also compromise results significantly. It’s ethically wrong for the hair transplant clinics and their Doctors to leave patients and their results at the mercy of their technicians.

Extraction of follicles requires precision and speed as well. Most clinics where main surgeon extracts follicle himself can do 4000 grafts in a single day. Extraction is done by technicians usually takes 2 days to do the same procedure. This helps to reduce cost significantly but results are usually compromised.

What we Do at Monaris Hair clinic

At Monaris we do not let technicians do the surgical part. Only our main surgeon extracts the follicles and technicians only assist him. Better quality of follicles with the lowest transaction helps us to extract almost all follicles from scalp only. We avoid poor quality beard and body hair which are usually different in the growth cycle, length and texture from scalp hairs. All our surgeries are single-day procedures compared due to excellent speed and precision. Dr Arihant Surana is the only surgeon in India who has headed global hair transplant companies in India like DHI Europe and Alviarmani USA for the last 14 years. His experience and ethics are unmatched with all surgeries including follicular extraction done by him. Our AHT technique and advanced Instruments ensures that only the main surgeon extracts all follicles

Whom should we meet on visiting a clinic?

Always meet the surgeon who will do your procedure. Clinics who will not let you meet the main surgeon may not actually have a doctor to do your surgery. These clinics usually call doctors and technicians on a case to case basis. These types of clinics should be avoided.

Hair Transplant in Delhi – Monaris AHT hair transplant is the first choice

Monaris Hair Transplant – Trusted by young Celebrities

Young and Famous – Trust Monaris

When it comes to the first hair transplant the young and famous prefer monaris hair clinic. Whether its celebrity or a common person monaris hair clinic offers world-class hair transplant surgery for everyone. Monaris and Dr Arihant Surana’s track record of giving excellent results in the first session has been proven perfectly in the last 15 years. Monaris hair transplant clinic in Delhi is known worldwide for amazing results.

Hair transplant by the best surgeon in India – Choose Monaris

At monaris hair

Monaris hair transplant results

clinic is the major part of the transplant is done by the main surgeon only. Every follicle is extracted by Dr.Arihant Surana himself. Most hair transplant clinics in Delhi assign technicians to do extraction to save cost and time. At monaris, we believe technicians extracting the follicle can compromise results by up to 20%. Monaris clinic and its team have been working with top global doctors and companies for the last 10 years. Monaris is one of the most globally recognized hair transplant clinics in India.

Latest Hair Transplant technique – AHT Hair Transplant

With the newer development and advancement in hair transplant procedures, we have introduced AHT hair transplant in India. AHT offers big single-day sessions without using low-quality beard and body hairs. AHT technique ensures the entire transplant is done by the main surgeon only resulting in much better hair transplant results. In AHT grafts are not stored in normal saline or Ringer Lactate. They are preserved is special growth factors which are like your own blood.

Design and Density – Choose Monaris Hair clinic

Monaris and its team have been giving dense and beautiful designs to your hair transplant unheard of in India. we truly believe every graft placement and its angle is important in a hair transplant. Most clinics may be good at growing hair but we believe that hair that grows on your scalp should also be perfectly designed to give the most natural results. Every graft which is extracted should be placed at a specific angle and position on your scalp. Older techniques where grafts are implanted randomly or extracted and implanted immediately have failed to focus on the design element of hair transplant. A well-designed hair transplant can look more dense and natural compared to a procedure where grafts are implanted without separation.

Proud to be trusted by top celebrities in India

We believe in real results and real hair transplant procedures. We just do not click photos with celebrities and plant them on our websites. All celebrities you will find with us are real patients who have taken hair transplant procedures themselves and are satisfied. They and many more celebrities we cannot disclose are real patients of Dr Arihant Surana and Monaris. Monaris is one of the most trusted hair clinics in India for best hair transplant results.


Autologous Hair Transplant – (AHT) at Monaris Hair Clinic


What is AHT technique for hair transplant


Introducing Autologous Hair Transplant at Monaris enriched with AGF and follicle Boosters. After DHI, DHT, and FUE here comes the latest AHT. AHT has the specific advantage of getting high density and faster growth. After introducing DHI in 2008 in Delhi and Alvi Armani in 2012 Dr. Arihant Surana is now launching the AHT technique in India. This technique and method of hair transplant is going to revolutionize the way hair transplants are done in India. With faster single day transplants and overnight healing of donor area, patients can see faster results and robust dense growth with single-day procedures.


Where FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a technique of extraction and DHI ( Direct Hair Implantation) is a technique of implantation by using Choi implanter AHT is a perfect technique for Extraction, design, and density, and Implantation.

What’s the difference between FUE, DHI, DHT, and AHT

Old or Latest Oldest Old Very old Latest
Extraction With Motor With Motor Manual Manual+Motor
Extraction Done by Technician Technician Doctor Only Doctor
No.of Grafts per day 2500 2000-2500 1500-2000 4000
Transaction 20% 20% 10-20% 2-5%
Graft preserved in Saline/RL Saline/RL Saline/RL Growth Factors
Graft processing No No No Yes
Graft Counting No No No Yes
Graft Separation No No No yes
Graft storage Fridge Fridge Fridge Room temperature
Graft Quality Ok Ok Ok Excellent
Graft Survival Good Avg Avg Best
Implantation Forceps Forceps Choi Implanter No-touch technique
Implantation done by Technicians technicians technicians Doctor + Technicians
Density Low Average Average High
Graft placement Random Random ( Slits made before extraction) Random Placed as per design
Technique Good for extraction Name copied from DHI Technique of Implantation The complete technique for extraction plus implantation
Results Good Ok Ok Best
Speed Slow slow very slow Good
Days req for 4000 Grafts 2 2 2-3days 1
Post Procedure
Healing 3 days 3 days 3 days 1-2 days
Bandage removal 2-3 days 2-3 days 3 days Next Day
Complication Rare Rare Rare Rare
Medication Minoxidil+finasteride Minoxidil+finasteride Minox+ Finas Minoxidil+finasteride (optional)
About Method Most basic and old HT technique Started as a copy of DHI. Now Choi implanter not used Old technique. Slow extraction and Implantation. Low-density transplant High Density, Can be done by main Doctor Only, Successful results, body hair not required, one day sessions.


Why AHT is better than other techniques

AHT technique ensures that the main surgeon of the clinic is involved in hair transplants. Autologous hair transplant is the ideal name for any hair transplant as FUE and DHI are just a technique for extraction and Implantation. They are not complete transplant. AHT hair transplant technique ensures that your hair is grafted in the perfect design and not placed randomly. Like in other techniques such as FUE and DHT follicles are implanted randomly without separating them into single doubles and triples. With randomly placed hairs its not possible to create perfect hair line (usually contains single hair follicle), high density (with multiple hair follicle). DHT involves directly transferring the hair to the scalp as soon as its extracted. AHT gives far superior density and design not possible with any basic technique.

Graft Preservation

In AHT Grafts are preserved in special growth factor preparations in place of saline or ringer lactate. This improves the survival rate of grafts and better regrowth. When Implanted grafts are taken up much faster compared to other techniques.


AHT technique is much faster as compared to FUE hair transplant techniques. The entire procedures from extraction and Implantation can be done in a single day compared to 2-3 days in other FUE and DHT. With AHT technique 4000 grafts can be extracted and Implanted in 6-8 hours compared to 2 days procedure in other techniques. This saves time of surgery. two days of anesthesia Injections and a longer healing period.


No bandage is required from Day 1 of the surgery. Normal shampoo can be done on the next day of surgery. In most hair transplants it takes 2-3 days to remove the bandage. There is no pain during and post the transplant. So no pain killers are given before, during and after the surgery in AHT technique.

Get your AHT Hair transplant Exclusively at Monaris

Monaris Hair clinic offers all hair transplant techniques. You have to decide what’s best for you. You also have an option to consult our surgeon for knowing which technique is best for you and why you should do it.

Best Hair Transplant Delhi – India’s capital for hair transplants

Hair transplant in Delhi

Which is the best place for hair transplant in India?

India’s hair transplant centers are mainly located in 5 top metro cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Banglore, and Kolkatta. Smaller cities like Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur Pune, etc have also recently being promoted as a place for hair transplant but they are too far to pick up. Out of the 6 metros listed here, New Delhi does the maximum number of transplants. Delhi is known for hair restoration since early 2000. With very few doctors doing hair surgery in early 2000 Delhi has now become the hub for hair transplant clinics in India. Delhi’s every kilometer has multiple hair transplant clinics. Hair transplant clinic in South Delhi is more popular and busy compared to a HT clinics in Gurgaon and Noida. Many hair transplant clinics in Gurgaon and Noida have opened their consultation centers in South Delhi. Monaris Hair Clinic is one of the finest hair clinics in South Delhi offering exclusive hair transplant surgery which is based on a technique called AHT and FUE.

How to Choose Best Hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR

Delhi hosts the top 5 hair transplant clinic in India. Not only clinics, but delhi also has the best 5 hair transplant surgeon in India. Top international clinics like Alviarmani Hair Transplants, DHI hair transplant, and other leaders in hair transplant Industry are headquartered in Delhi. Delhi is also pioneering in lastest hair transplant technique like AHT, DHT and FUE. At Monaris also we have introduced the latest Autologous Hair Transplant with AGF delivering results beyond Imagination in single day transplants.

So when you have to choose best hair transplant clinic in Delhi NCR look for the most experienced hair transplant surgeon in India. Never go for FUT as the new no cuts and no stitches technique are far better than FUT.



Get Hair Transplant by Main Surgeon Only

Who will do my Hair Transplant

At monaris, as a standard policy, only the main surgeon does your hair transplant. We do not compromise. All our hair transplant results are consistent and successful. Focus on Quality, not quantity. We compete to make our hair transplant better everyday over the past 12 years. We do not compete with other clinics to make it cheaper. This is one of the main reasons why top cricketers and actors in India travel to New Delhi for a hair transplant with Dr.Arihant Surana.

What’s the role of technicians in hair transplant

Technicians and nurses are trained to assist Doctors in hair transplants. A doctor should be present in surgery all the time. He should extract every follicle, he should do all designing and make slits, and should also implant the follicles along with the team.

Do technicians also do surgery?

No, ideally they should not. In India, since patients look for cheap hair transplant most of the surgeries are left to technicians. Usually patient is sedated initially and surgery is left over to technicians. The doctor just comes to make slits. If the patient insists on the surgery by the main doctor only the charges are usually different and results are also much better. But in India due to a lack of experienced and trained hair transplant surgeon, almost all doctors get hair transplants by trained technicians. The main Doctor in the clinic doesn’t spend much time in surgery. This is the most common reason for failed surgeries in India.

How to ensure the main doctor will do the surgery

Talk to the main surgeon before surgery. Make it clear at the beginning that you want the main surgeon to be in surgery all the time. Make sure the clinic does not do multiple surgeries in a day. Usually, the price with the main surgeon, trainee doctor, technicians, or junior doctor will always be different. If the clinic or the Doctor refuses to get your hair transplant by the main surgeon then look somewhere else.

At Monaris hair clinic, we consider every patient is special and get the best hair transplant. Good transplant results are always permanent. Your hair transplant is a serious medical procedure and should always be done by the main surgeon only.

For more details call us at +919818642643


GFC Hair Loss Treatment

 GFC ( Growth Factor concentrate) Therapy for Hair Loss at Monaris Hair clinic

Monaris skin and Hair clinic recently introduced Growth factor concentrate (GFC) treatment to fight hair loss. GFC is the latest and most advanced treatment to treat early hair loss in patients. Where the world is doing PRP for hair loss till now growth factor concentrate will be soon taking over all PRP treatments in India and the world.

GFC Contains a proprietary platelet activator in the specialized kit to release growth factors from alpha granules of platelets into GFC. Various highly specific growth factors present in GFC plays an active role to stop hair loss.

 How GFC Works                           


 What are the Advantages of GFC treatment 


GFC treatment benefits


Who can take GFC Therapy

Anybody facing hair loss in early stages and late stages depending on the advice from your Doctor will be fit to take GFC therapy. GFC is effective in both males and females.

What is the Duration and session required

Three sessions over a period of 3 months are required initially. Followed by maintenance sessions once in 4-6 months can be done.

Results are visible from reduced hair fall increased hair thickness and hair count.GFC hair treatment is effective in male as well as female hair loss. Your hair doctor will guide you about the best hair regrowth treatment you need

What are the side effects of GFC Therapy

Since Monaris GFC is pure and does not contain any RBCs or WBC’s risk of pain and inflammation is minimal. Patients can immediately resume normal activities after the procedure. It takes approximately one hour for the procedure.

What is the cost of GFC treatment

​GFC hair treatment cost in India varies from clinic to clinic. Patients should check their GFC treatment kit before the procedure. Hair clinics in India use standard GFC list made in India.

Corona Pandemic – Is hair transplant safe


Hair transplant in Corona times- What should I do

Corona pandemic

Some people see it as an opportunity and some are confused that when they should do hair transplants. Most of the hair transplant clinics are closed. We are getting multiple requests to get hair transplants as patients are finding this as the best time for hair transplants. But is it the right time? Is hair transplant safe at this time? What about the Doctor and their team? Can I get Infection if I do a hair transplant? Can I travel for a hair transplant?. There is many more question which patients have before undergoing a transplant at this time.

But is it the right time to do a hair transplant?

All good hair transplant clinics in Delhi are well prepared to handle the corona pandemic. At the monaris hair clinic, we have followed all standard protocols to keep our patients safe. Regular temperature checks, twice a day clinic sanitization, Limited patients every day strictly by appointment, disinfected company vehicle for staff to travel and regular examination of staff to check any symptoms. we are also working with staff rotation with only 1/3 staff at any point in time in the clinic.

Corona pandemic is scary but we all have to live with it. So as a patient getting a hair transplant at this time is a good option due to increased safety standards by clinics. There are minimal social engagements for everybody. Patients can hide scabs for the initial 10 days easily. Work from home for a few days will let your own hair grow back. It’s also a good time to bargain as all the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi have less International patients. Hence most clinics are dependent on local patients to fill in.

Is hair transplant safe at this time?

Hair transplant was a safe procedure even before COVID 19 pandemic. All surgical procedures are done under strict safety and protocols to prevent patients from post-operative infections. Patients should not hide any medical history of cough cold and fever. They should also disclose their history of traveling internationally. Doctors and hair transplant clinics in Delhi and India are taking extra precautions at this time to prevent transmission of COVID 19. At the monaris hair clinic, we have safely done hair transplant throughout May and June.

Can I get Infection if I do a hair transplant?

A hair transplant will never lead to Corona Infection. Its the clinic staff and your near and dear ones who can Infect you. At the monaris hair clinic, we ensure that our staff is symptom-free and trained to handle aseptic procedures. We work with certified nurses and not hair transplant technicians who do not come from the medical field. We are responsible for the safety of all our patients and our team members. So be assured at monaris under Dr.Arihant Surana you are in safe hands.

Can I travel for a hair transplant?

We are not accepting any international patients currently. Only patients belonging to Delhi and nearby areas are allowed for surgeries till June 2020. Patients outside Delhi and rest of India will be advised to mail us at to book their surgeries.



Celebrity Hair transplants – Hanuma Vihari hair Transplant Results

Hanuma Vihari hair transplant was done in May 2019. Hanuma Vihari is one of the young Dashing cricketers of the Indian Cricket team. He belongs to Hyderabad and travels all over the world to play cricket. Hanuma played from Delhi IPL cricket team in last game. He regularly plays tests and one day from the Indian national team.

Hanuma started losing hair at very young age especially his hairline. He didn’t know what to do. Initially, he tried to control hair loss by using home remedies as we all do. He consulted some doctors and tried to delay hair loss. But it’s difficult to control the genetic nature of hair loss. His hair loss continued and finally lost his complete hairline.

His facial look started to change after hair loss. He was an excellent cricketer but looking good was equally important when you play for the Indian team. Hanuma Vihari started to research options available in India and outside India. He discussed with his teammates and friends about the option of getting a hair transplant. His fellow cricketers advised him to visit Dr.Arihant Surana. During IPL matches in Delhi he visited Monaris Hair clinic and Dr.arihant Surana. Dr. Surana advised him various options available to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. He advised him to undergo hair transplant and treatment to prevent future hair loss.

Exactly one year before he underwent his hair transplant procedure at Monaris hair clinic NewDelhi. He wanted the most natural hairline with good density. He underwent the most comfortable hair transplant surgery by Dr.Arihant Surana. His procedure lasted for 6 hours with breaks in between. The entire procedure was painless and was done under local anesthesia.

Hanuma Vihari hair transplant results are available now. He has got excellent growth with the natural hairline. He is extremely happy with his hair transplant and has already recommended many of his family and friends to NewDelhi clinic for hair transplant. 

At Monaris skin and hair clinic we wish Hanuma Vihari a great and successful Career ahead.

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Hair Transplant Results – Dr.Arihant Surana

Hair Transplant repair By Dr Arihant Surana

Above patient was 28 year young male who has undergone FUE at other clinic in Hyderabad was looking for better and dense hair line.His previous transplant was very obvious and hair line was not looking Good.

He visited Dr Arihant surana for review and to see if his existing hair transplant can be improved. At Monaris hair clinic we decided to correct his hair line by adding density, Placement of grafts at proper angle and directions and ensuring that every transplanted follicle grows back. 2700 Grafts were implanted to add density and correct existing hair transplant. As a result after 11 month the hair line was dense and we had a extremely happy patient who travelled all the way from south India.

Why you Should NEVER Do A FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is an old process of hair transplants. I did this hair transplant when FUE was not available. Few hair transplant surgeons still do this hair transplant in India. FUT Hair transplant cost is much cheaper than FUE hair transplant in India. Patients are unaware of FUT technique. FUT is extremely painful. FUT Clinics use Terms like terms like No Scar, Damage of grafts in FUE, Trichophytic Closure, etc. These are used to misguide patients. The worst is they tell to combine FUT with FUE to convince.

Nobody should get painful lifetime scar. Most of the patients are told that there are no scar and trichophytic closure will be done.But most of the patient with trichophytic closure I have seen still has bad and widened scar. Its not that hair Don’t grow with FUT but in the world of minimally invasive why such invasive and Brutal Procedure is required. All surgeries are No stitch now then why surgery 20 stitches is promoted.

Its also a misnomer which FUT clinics say about graft damage in FUE.Infact FUE is a procedure where there is no graft damage if DOCTOR is ready to spend time on surgery. FUE Grafts will either come out and be used in transplant. If they are transacted the root will remain in the scalp and will grow back. So either it will come out or will grow back in scalp. Doctors doing extraction by there own hands will never damage grafts beyond permissible limits. Also imagine 20-25 stitches on the scalp with all blood vessels and nerves cut down till bone in FUT vs Small needle pricks in the skin only which heals overnight.

Patients looking for Best hair transplant procedure should always visit both clinics which do FUE and FUT. Visiting only one Doctor will not let you make the right decision. 99% of clinics worldwide have accepted FUE. At the monaris hair clinic, we stopped FUT completely. We support a painless FUE hair transplant procedure.

Perfect Design and Perfect density is key to Successful Hair transplant

Harshal Patel -Indian Cricketer and IPL Delhi Captains All Rounder

Hair Transplant is always a art as Dr. Arihant surana always said. Not everyone is good artist with a good surgeon too. A hair transplant lacking perfect design will never be aesthetically appealing and low density will always give results as transplant is never been done.

A hair transplant is a successful procedure for years. Most of the unsuccessful transplants are related to Doctors or clinics Fault. Looking at a failed transplant of a friend or relative does not mean

If some hair grows back on scalp after hair transplant it does not mean that its a good transplant.A good transplant means how good you look after the transplant.How perfect is your design and density after transplant.A 3000 graft transplant can look dense and a 7000 graft transplant can look empty.Old techniques like DHI, DHT and Old FUE are known to be low density transplants.For a perfect transplant the distribution of grafts and angles of the grafts have to be perfectly placed.

Monaris hair clinic uses special calculations and instruments to achieve the best design and distribution for the grafts.This makes monaris more efficient in achieving a better results in much lesser grafts compared to the other FUE Methods. So you can get better coverage in lesser grafts. Graft saved is Graft earned. More the graft saved you can achieve better coverage on entire scalp

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GFC done at Monaris Hair clinic contains the Highest concentration of growth factors.

Are you thinking of getting PRP done for hair regrowth? Though from years Monaris and Dr.Arihant Surana specialized in doing PRP. The results of PRP depends on certain growth factors released by platelets. The concentration of platelets in PRP is variable from clinic to clinic. There are very few standardized kits available in the market which can give the best results. That’s why most of the clinic results are variable and also the price of PRP.

But now PRP is almost outdated and the new technique which is used by monaris is GFC. Also known as GROWTH FACTOR CONCENTRATE this technique has been introduced in the Monaris clinic in Delhi and Indore.GFC contains 79.2 times higher concentration of VGEF,73.6 times higher value of PDGF,12.3 times higher value of p-selectin compared to the best PRP kits available in India.

So next time Don’t even think about PRP. Get a GFC done to achieve the best results. Talk to Monaris clinic representative at 9818-642-643

Gautam Gambhir -Always a pleasure to meet a Legend and Great Human being.

Dr Arihant Surana With Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir is very well known cricketer to all but now he is also member of parliament. Only very few people know how great he is as a human being. Knowing him for more then 14 years he hasn’t changed much. Always humble and the most simple person I have met.Its always pleasure to meet him and have him at our clinic in NewDelhi