Hair transplant Cost in Delhi- Monaris Hair Clinic

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Hair transplant Cost in Delhi- Monaris Hair Clinic

Hair Transplant cost in Delhi

Hair transplant cost is one of the most important criteria in India to choose their hair transplant clinic. But does the cost of hair transplants in Delhi is such a matter of concern. The answer is NO. People of Delhi are well aware of the fact that cost should never be the criteria for deciding a hair transplant clinic in India. With slightly unregulated hair transplant clinics are operating at every nook and corner of city. Forget Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists who are originally trained to do hair transplants many clinics in Delhi are not even run by Doctors. They are usually owned by businessmen where technicians are called to do cheap hair transplants or Doctors are dentists, Ent surgeons and at times even gynaecologists who are lured by quick money they can make through cheap hair transplants.

How much a hair transplant should cost?

The cost of a hair transplant in Delhi will depend on the quality of the transplant you expect. Pls, be assured that every clinic will not deliver the same quality so the cost of a hair transplant will also not remain the same. So what should you buy?

You should buy quality. Hair transplant is one of the procedures which cannot be corrected if it goes wrong. Once you lose the grafts from failed transplant there is no way you can get those grafts back. No Doctor in the world can give you the same result in repair hair transplants. A hair transplant in India can cost from 30000 INR to 500,000 INR. There is a huge difference in the Infrastructure, Doctor, team, procedure and end results of this procedure. As a patient, it may be difficult to understand the difference between good, better and best results. A good and legally running hair transplant clinic in Delhi may be slightly costlier. Its important for patients to visit clinics and meet the Doctor.

I have a limited budget. What should I Do?

It’s totally ok to have a budget or cost you want to incur in your hair transplant. Having a limited budget does not mean that you will do something which is available cheap. Hair transplant is a medical procedure and all risks remain the same as any other surgery. A clinic should be well equipped with an operating area different from consultation area. The clinic should be well maintained and ventilated with proper operating rooms preferably on the ground or upper floors. Your hair transplant clinic should let you meet the surgeon who will operate on you. Feel free and ask any questions you have during your consultation. Some clinics will offer transplants with technicians if you have a limited budget. Never compromise. You are not a guinea pig. It’s best to go for a smaller session in your budget rather then going for a compromised hair transplant which you may regret  for life later. Talk to the clinic and ask for discounts and offers. Some clinics do give extra discounts if you allow them to use your photos on their website.

Will I know the cost of my hair transplant during a consultation with the Surgeon?

Yes, you will be told the cost of a hair transplant after review with your surgeon. During the alopecia test which your doctor will tell you an approximate number of grafts required and the cost of it. Some clinics tell you about the per graft cost of a hair transplant and some may give you a package. Words like unlimited grafts, robotic hair transplant etc is just to trick you. Do not fall for it. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is much better than any other part of India. Hair transplant clinics in Delhi are well equipped and large compared to any other part of India. The cost of hair transplants in Delhi is also the lowest with the highest quality compared to any other city in India.

Hair replacement or Hair transplant

Hair transplant is anytime better than hair replacement. The overall cost of a hair transplant is 20-30 times cheaper than hair replacement. Hair replacement should only be considered an option if you are having any medical issues or negligible donor area. A hair replacement may require lifelong maintenance. Hair replacements in Delhi usually do not look natural.

Consult Dr Arihant Surana at monaris hair clinic. Book an appointment by Calling 9818-642-643

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