Why Your First hair transplant should always be the Best

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Why Your First hair transplant should always be the Best

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Good or Bad but your first hair transplant is always the best hair transplant. The results achieved in the first hair transplant is equivalent to none. Most of the mistakes also happen while undergoing the first hair transplant. The number of repair cases of hair transplant has drastically increased at Monaris New Delhi clinic recently. Most of the people who undergo their first hair transplant are either desperate to get the hair transplant or are looking for a cheap hair transplant. Since hair transplant is a pretty new field with limited specialized doctors and technology which is still evolving.

Almost 99% of the people are unaware of what a good hair transplant means. Good hair transplant is not about growing some hair. That probably will come with any transplant. The ideal Good Hair transplant is that you should not see your skin inside in between hair once you get full results with your transplant. Surprisingly only 3-5% of the transplant in India can achieve that. The most common reason for this is the low survival of grafts after implanting more than 3000 hair grafts. Another common reason is doing transplants in 2-3 days.

Technically the entire transplant should be done in one day. The scalp should not be disturbed for the next 4 months once a single day transplant is done. Doing transplant in 2-3 days will lead to more trauma and injecting the anesthesia every day which ultimately may compromise the growth of grafts.

Choosing a clinic wisely with due research is important. Remember all FUE is not the same in fact every clinic doing FUE has different results.So if you see the different prices at different clinics it’s because of the quality they can deliver, time doctors will spend in the procedure and finally the result you will get. Choosing a good clinic in the first time saves you from repair procedures and saves lot of time and money.



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