Hair Transplant for Women-A very successful approach

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Hair Transplant for Women-A very successful approach

Hair transplant has been known for years for treating male pattern baldness but very few know that it’s a very successful approach to treat females with male pattern baldness.At alviarmani there is recent spurt in number of females undergoing hair transplant for frontal baldness.Usually frontal baldness or low density in females are either genetic or due hormonal issues. Younger females usually has frontal hair loss due to PCOD and older females it’s usually due to decreased oestrogen levels. Many females are born with male pattern hairline or very broad  forehead.Not every female is right candidate for female hair transplant.

Females are usually much more effected psychologically with hair loss as compared to males. Males only realises hair loss when they are nearly bald.But in females even slightest of the excess hair loss gives them nightmares of getting bald.

In alviarmani hair transplant for women single sitting is required to cover the frontal baldness.No shaving or head is required for females.Its hardly 2 hours procedure and permanent solution for frontal hair loss can be achieved.

Women respond very well with hair transplant surgery.Usually medicines hardly ever gives satisfactory results and if gives and has to be used life long.

With right selection of candidate and right technology women hair transplant is going to bring new era in hair transplants.


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