The top 10 myths about hair transplants

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The top 10 myths about hair transplants

Many techniques which one to choose

Technically there are only two types of hair transplant.FUT and FUE.Rest all are the variants of the same. It’s important to understand which one is best for you.

So many companies and doctors which one to choose

Advanced hair transplants are like art and not like surgery.Choose a good doctor for you surgery and make sure he only does whole surgery for you.

Hair transplants can fall out.

Follicular units are impossible to dislodge after the first day when the healing mechanisms have set in. In the first 24 hours, follicular units are kept in place by tiny blood clots which are strong enough to withstand most forces but it is important to take it easy during this period.

People will be able to tell that you’ve had a hair transplant.

The principle of transplanting hair as follicular units (which is the most basic natural grouping of hair) allows the transplanted hair to follow the patterns of native hair giving a natural result. Even a soft hair-line can be achieved using single follicular unit grafts to blend the area seamlessly

FUE is better than FUT or the strip technique.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both treatments. No single study comparing cosmetic results, graft take or patient satisfaction exists.

Transplanted hair requires extra care.

In fact, transplanted hair can be treated like normal, and be cut, dyed and styled as you would otherwise.


Hair transplants look ‘pluggy

They used to but, now advanced individual follicular units can be transplanted to give a softer natural look.

Any one with hair loss can have a hair transplant.

This is a common misconception. Certain attributes need to be met before hair transplantation is feasible. This includes having a known, stable or predictable pattern of hair loss, availability of enough donor hairs, good skin elasticity and good healing potential. Suitability for hair transplantation can only be accessed after a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon.

Hair from another person can be used.

Unfortunately, someone else’s hair would be rejected and only hair from the same individual can be used..

The results from a hair transplant are immediate

It is common for transplanted follicular units to shed hair a month after surgery. The follicular units then enter anagen, such that you should be able to see hair growth in the mirror at about 4 months. The final results of a hair transplant take 12 months to become fully appreciable.

It is better to have the transplant the younger you are.

Part of performing hair restoration surgery is to predict future loss and to make sure the transplant you have will blend in with this. Otherwise, you could be left isolated areas of transplanted hair in an area that continues to bald which would look odd and unnatural. The future pattern of hair loss is much easier to determine in individuals who are over 30. That said, transplants can and are done in younger individuals but this varies on a case by case basis


Dr. Arihant Surana

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