Follicular Extraction Should be done by Main Surgeon Only

Whats happening in Hair transplant clinics Now

Hair transplant cost is one of the main deciding factors in India to choose a clinic. For patients all FUE are same and only the cost comparison with different clinics usually becomes the deciding factor for hair transplant. All hair transplant procedure are good till main surgeon does it. Most clinics use help of technicians and junior doctors to do follicle extraction and Implantation. This saves time of main surgeon and he can do multiple surgeries at a time. Getting follicle extraction with technicians is not only dangerous but can also compromise results significantly.

Extraction of follicles require precision and speed as well . Most clinics where main surgeon extracts follicle himself can do 4000 grafts in single day. Extraction done by technicians usually take 2 days to do the same procedure. This helps to reduce cost significantly but results are usually compromised.

What we Do at Monaris Hair clinic

At Monaris we do not let technicians do the surgical part. Only our main surgeon extracts the follicles and technicians only assist him. Better quality of follicles with lowest transaction helps us to extract almost all follicles from scalp only. We avoid poor quality beard and body hair which are usually different in growth cycle, length and texture from scalp hairs.

Whom should we meet on visiting a clinic?

always meet the surgeon who will do your procedure. Clinics who will not let you meet main surgeon may not actually have a doctor to do your surgery. These clinics usually call doctors and technicians on Case to case basis. These types of clinics should be avoided.

Dr.Arihant surana

Working as Medical Director and Chief hair transplant Surgeon at Monaris Hair and Skin clinic India

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